Educational Aspects :
Pupils Activity Sheets (LKS): For visiting student groups LKS are available, consisting of questions on oil and gas. There are 3 types of LKS, namely LKS for primary schools, LKS for secondary schools and LKS for high schools.
Leaflets: In the form of short brochures on oil and gas likei: "Apakah Minyak Bumi" (What is Oil). These leaflets are available at the souvenir sales counter.

This library is located on the 3rd floor. Here, books, magazines and other journals are available for the visitors to read, and can be helpful to students in writing scientific papers, especially on oil and gas.

Seminars on Oil and Gas:

When there is a request from outside parties, this Museum can organize seminars on oil and gas, complete with its speakers according to need.

Outside Exhibitions :

In coordination with the Department of Education, and schools, outside exhibitions can be organized to various schools.