Mini Theatre (Main Building, Ground Floor):

Shows animated movies that children can easily understand like "Asal mula minyak bumi" ("The origin of oil"), "Aku juga berasal dari minyak" ("I also come from oil"), and documentary movies on oil and general activities.

Hall of Role (Main Building, Ground Floor):

The exhibits in this hall display how important the role of oil and gas is as the source of energy, for fuel, lubricants and petrochemical products. An oil tree symbolically displays at its branches various products resulting from the refinery processes of oil and gas.

Hall of History (Main Building, Ground Floor):

Invites you to go through the history of the use of oil during the pre-commercial era, the tireless efforts of the pioneers in finding oil, the development of the oil industry since the Dutch-Indies era, the Japanese occupation, Consolidation Period, up to the Fifth Five Years' Plan Period, and the anticipation of the role of gas in the future.

Diorama on Human Civilization:

This diorama lies in the middle of the Main Building along the slope to the Hall of Upstream Activities. This diorama illustrates how fast the human civilization developed after the discovery of oil. On the contrary, it also warns about the disaster that will befall the human race, should oil and gas be used, without considering their effects on the environment.

The Hall of Upstream Activities (formerly named as the Hall of Exploration):

This hall lies at the right hand side of the Main Building and has the form of an oil storage tank. Here you will find the history of the earth's movements, how fossils were formed, the origin of oil and gas, the technology for the search of oil reserves, how to drill wells and their productions.



Slope to the Hall of Downstream Activities (formerly named as the Hall of Process, Application and Impact):

Here, philatelists can enjoy the samples of stamps, issued to commemorate important events in the oil industry in Indonesia.