If you are facing the Oil and Gas Museum, then you will see in front of you the Main Building with the artificial lake in front of it. From this view point, the Main Building will give the impression of an offshore platform flanked by two storage tanks.

The Main Building is connected by a bridge to the place where you are now.This bridge consists of two main parts as if illustrating two eras of the search for oil, which are the search for oil on land in the past and today's search for at the deep seas.



        At the grounds outside the buildings several collections are displayed, as the remainder of the history of the upstream to the downstream activities in the oil industry in Indonesia. These articles are displayed wholly or partly in its original size, like:

Manually.operated fuel pump (manufactured in 1930)


Conadish beam pump donated by PPT MIGAS Cepu

Crude Battery from the Sungai Gerong refinery

      One of the exhibits in the artificial lake is the Cinta -1 well head, originating from the first offshore production well in Indonesia, the Cinta-1 well. This exhibit was deliberately put here to give the impression that it was originally erected at sea.

Cinta-1 x-mas tree