This museum lies in the eastern part of TMII with the following borders :

Northern side :
      TMII Bird Park

Western side:
      Science Centre

Southern side:
      Electricity and New Energies Museum

Eastern side:
      TMII employee's housing

Gawitra's Mission:

      To preserve and to bequeath the fighting spirit of the pioneers in the oil and gas industry.
      To conduct guidance and education on the development of the oil and gas industry, science and technology.
      To distribute information and the positive image of the role of the oil and gas industry.
      To preserve and develop the inheritance of the nation's culture.

The History of Gawitra's Construction:

The idea to build GAWITRA came up in the 14th IPA convention in October 1985, as a monument to commemorate the Centennary of the Oil and Gas Industry in Indonesia.

The physical construction started in July 1987, and was innaugurated by President Suharto on April 20, 1989.